Curious Seal Falls In Love With Butterfly And The Video Footage Is Absolutely Precious

They say that curiosity killed the cat, but you never heard anything about seals. At least not until now!

Lots of animals are naturally curious. Exploring the world around them is the only way for them to test out what is safe, what is fun, what is yummy, and what is dangerous.

Curiosity is an instinctual habit for many creatures, including humans.
There’s so much out there to discover, especially when you’re out in nature.

When an animal is in captivity, that natural curiosity doesn’t just go away. They find new ways to satisfy that craving for exploration and discovery. Good zoos also do amazing jobs of providing enough stimulation to keep their animals happy and having fun.

At the Oregon Zoo, there’s a little seal that loves to explore every little nook and cranny of her man-made environment.

Having been born into captivity at the Alaska Sea Life Center, Kaya the seal could only ever live a life at a zoo or aquarium. She’s very well taken care of and loved by her keepers, who say that,

“[She’s] curious and brave in new situations and likes to explore.”

The video below certainly showcases those qualities in the most adorable way.

It seems that a little butterfly has found itself on the other side of the glass. When an onlooker noticed that Kaya had taken an interest in the tiny fluttering insect, they pulled out their camera and shot some of the cutest footage you’ll see today.

As the butterfly flutters around near the encasement, Kaya can’t seem to look away. Wherever the little insect goes, so does kaya.

With her little nose pressed up against the glass, Kaya tries to interact with her tiny new friend. You can see the curiosity written all over her sweet seal face. She even tries to reach towards it with her flipper or to wave hello.

Honestly, have you seen anything cuter at the aquarium or zoo before?

With backflips and other impressive acrobatics, Kaya swims around her enclosure to play a little game of tag. When she floats around, her head twists and turns into adorably strange angles just so she can keep tabs on where the butterfly goes.

This super sweet video is further proof that animals, no matter where they live, no matter if they swim, waddle, or walk, are not all that different from us after all. Didn’t you ever chase after butterflies when you were little? Or, on humid summer nights, try to catch the little lightning bugs that flickered at dusk?

There’s a certain childlike wonder that we can all appreciate here. Or, should I say, animal-like wonder? After all, we are all beasts wandering this same place we call Earth.

The video below is pretty much guaranteed to make your day at least ten times better. How could you not smile at something so ridiculously adorable as Kaya and her butterfly friend having a grand old time together? It’s also so nice to see that Zoos like the Oregon Zoo give their animals enough space and stimulation for them to live long, happy, and healthy lives.

Plus, the folks there to observe Kaya and the rest of her friends are able to learn more about the amazing creatures. On this day, in particular, they learned that seals, with their whiskers and everything, are just as curious as any cat.