Young Girl Moves Hearts Singing Famous Dolly Parton Song

Diana Donatella was one of the three finalists who competed during the Season 5 finale of The Voice Kids Germany, along with Luca Emmanuel Kuglmeier and Sofie Thomas. For the finale, she performed Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”, under the coaching of Nena and Larissa Kerner. It’s quite fitting since she sang another Whitney Houston song, “Run To You” during the blind auditions.

Diana Donatella, who sings R&B and pop music, and cites Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Bruno Mars as her musical influences, picked Mark Forster as her coach. During Season 5 of The Voice Kids Germany, the judges included Mark Forster, a German singer-songwriter and television personality, Nena and Larissa Kerner, German singer-songwriters and mother-and-daughter tandem, and Sasha, a German singer, songwriter, and musician.

Mark Forster began his musical career as the frontman of the band, Balboa, in 2006. In 2010, he started his solo career and released his first studio album, Karton, and toured with German pop musician, Laith Al-Deen, both in 2012. In 2015, he became the vocalist for the musical project, Eff, with Felix Jaehn. He has been a coach on The Voice Kids Season 3.

Nena and Larrisa Kerner as her coaches. Nena Kerner is a new wave, pop, and punk rocker singer, actress, and comedian from North Rhine-Westphalia, West Germany. She is most famous for catapulting to fame when she re-recorded the Neue Deutsche Welle song “99 Luftballoons” as “99 Red Balloons”. She achieved worldwide fame with her first bands, The Stripes, and Nena, before embarking on a solo career in 1989.

In 2002, on the 20th anniversary of her musical career, she released a studio album of all her famous hits and catapulted her to fame once again.Since 2010, she has been touring and performing in shows with her twin children, Larissa and Sakias, on vocals and her youngest son, Simeon, on keyboards.

Larissa Kerner is the daughter of German-Swiss actor, Benedict Freitag, and German singer-songwriter, Nena. She is a singer-songwriter and she co-wrote the song “Dreh Dreh” with her mother, Nena, on Nena’s 16th studio album, Made in Germany. She also co-wrote with Nena on her children’s album, Sky, Sun, Wind and Rain. In 2012, she formed the electropop band, ADAMEVA, with her friend Marie Suberg. Together with Nena, they became coaches on Season 5 and 6 of The Voice Kids Germany.

Sasha started out as a backup singer for several artists, including H.I.M. and Sir Prize in 1996. He advanced quickly because he started his solo career in 1998 with his debut album, Dedicated To…, when he signed with Warner Music. The song, “If You Believe”, which was the second single from this album, became his highest-charted single and topped the characters in Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Switzerland. He released his sixth studio album, The One, in 2014, after five years. He was a coach on Season 4 and 5 of The Voice Kids Germany.

Diana Donatella traveled from the US to Germany to perform on The Voice Kids. The Voice Kids Germany premiered on February 5, 2017 and the final episode aired on March 26, 2017. Around 70 kids, between the ages of eight to fourteen years old, blind auditioned for the show and nine singers made it to the semi-finals. Luca Emmanuel Kuglmeier, Diana Donatella, and Sofie Thomas performed in the finale with Sofie Thomas winning the crown on Season 5 of The Voice Kids.

Diana’s performance below is truly inspiring, what talent she has.