Surprising Facts That Are Actually True

There are many facts that sound so strange that everyone thinks they are fake. However, sometimes our limited knowledge makes us doubt things that are completely real. Take for instance the fact that children are born without kneecaps and they don’t develop them until they turn three years old. Sounds made up, right? But it’s completely true!
If you enjoy strange and sometimes even fake sounding facts like that scroll below to read the list



Scotland’s national animal is a unicorn.



The Greenland shark has an average lifespan of 272 years, some of them can even live as long as 500 years.


Mantis shrimps can punch with the force of a bullet. They have one of the fastest and the most powerful punches in nature.



Moose are excellent swimmers. They are born knowing how to swim and can swim 6 miles per hour and has the ability to keep the pace for two hours.



Honey never spoils. It has an excellent chemical composition which prevents organisms from living in it. So no matter how old is the honey it’s probably perfectly edible.



There are a lot more trees on earth than there are stars in the galaxy. NASA estimates that there could be from 100 billion to 400 billion stars in the Milky Way galaxy. The earth has more than 3 trillion trees.



The idea of Guinness Book of Records came to Sir Hugh Beaver in the 1950’s when he had an argument in a pub about the fastest game bird in Europe. Since he couldn’t find an answer in any of the books, he decided to compile a book of facts and figures to help settle pub arguments just like the one he had.



Every planet of the whole solar system can fit between the earth and the moon.



The biggest tire manufacturer in the world is Lego. The company makes more than 50% more tires than other tire manufacturers such as Bridgestone or Goodyear.



A group of ferrets is called a business.