NYC Subway Rider Gives His Phone To Young Boy So He Can Play A Game

An undoubtedly heartwarming moment was captured on video as a stranger on the NYC subway system gave his phone to a young boy sitting next to him so he could play a game as they traveled together. The video that is now touching millions of hearts across the world after it went viral is certainly not the biggest gesture there has been, but it sure goes a long way to show just how much a little act of kindness can make a huge difference.

The photo shows the young boy looking so enamored by the phone in the man’s hand as he taps on it, evidently unaware of whats going on around him.

However, as soon as the man notices the little boy trying to peek over his shoulder, a small knowing smile breaks out on his face before handing over his phone to the young passenger so he can have a go at the games in it too.

The young boy looks thrilled as he takes the phone and starts tapping away. The man continues to sit next to his new buddy and regularly looks to check out the young boy’s gaming skills.

The heart melting moment was captured on video by a fellow passenger on the NYC subway, Kia Tatiyana Davis, who happened to be sitting in the right spot to witness the sweet exchange and luckily she was able to record it all as the two strangers bonded over a common love of technology.

Davis then later decided to post the footage on her Facebook account with the caption, “What I witnessed today on the train. I almost cried y’all.” Before she knew it, the video had racked up over 3.9 million views and is still spreading across the internet like a wildfire!

While this is a small gesture from everyday life that may seem minuscule, it definitely made the child’s day in a way that can only be fully experienced by watching the video below: