Man Sees 3 Kids Holding His Wallet On Security Cam, But The Footage Touches His Heart.

Today, many homes have security cameras at their front door in an effort to make sure packages get delivered, monitor for intruders, or simply for the front-door-equivalent of screening phone calls.

But sometimes they capture some of life’s sweetest moments.
That’s exactly what happened on July 18, 2018.  A family in Aurora, Colorado got a sweet surprise on their front door camera when 13-year-old Haylie Wenke, her little brother, Reagen, and friend, Ashley Dayton, showed up on a mission.

Like most kids in the summer, these three were riding their bikes after a day of playing in the sun. Then they spotted a black wallet under a car. Instinctively, they stopped and picked it up only to realize it had $ 700 in cash inside. Instead of seizing the opportunity to go on a shopping spree, they looked for ID and tracked down the owner’s home.

Their parents must be bursting with pride and joy.

Once the kids got to the house, the act of kindness was caught on camera (and has since gone viral). Not only did the family get their wallet back, but their surveillance system allowed the kids to leave a message for the family to let them know what was going on and where they were leaving the wallet to keep it safe and make sure no money was stolen.

The owner of the wallet is well aware of how this could have played out. The kids, however, don’t understand why people are making a big deal out of it. The three kids simply knew returning the wallet was the right thing to do.

Hopefully the kids rewarded themselves with some ice cream or, at the very least, a pat on the back. They deserve it!