How to Turn Old Socks Into A Powerful Remedy For One Of The Most Common Problems Around

Anyone who has ever suffered from an earache knows there’s really no other pain quite like it. Not only does your ear hurt, but it can result in major headaches and even vertigo. When ear woes turn ugly, they can mean a guaranteed trip to the doctor—and no one wants that. In other words, earaches can be serious business.

However, there are quite a few essential, simple remedies that can help you avoid the dreaded doctor’s office altogether. While some cases can be treated with painkillers, others need something a bit more effective—and all-natural. That’s where these earache home remedies come in…

At some point in your life, you’ve likely experienced an earache. Unfortunately, you can’t always make it to the doctor’s office—or maybe you’re looking for an alternative to painkillers. Thankfully, did you know that the solution could be hiding under your nose? Well, on your feet, to be exact.

Yes, there’s actually one amazing remedy to the common earache that involves only a single pair of clean cotton socks. After you try this trick, your socks will be fine—and all that ear pain will be gone!


For the first step, you’ll need about one or one-and-a-half cups of coarse Epsom salt. This humble mineral has been a natural remedy for aches and pains for ages, and you’ll want just enough to fill the foot of your sock.

Carefully pour the salt into the mouth of the sock. Remember that it’s important to use coarse salt here. Smaller granules may actually slip through the fabric of the sock, and you don’t want that!


You also may want to consider using a wide-mouth funnel to prevent yourself from making a mess! If you don’t have one lying around, that’s fine too, just be extra-careful when you’re pouring your salt. Feel free to add a few drops of essential oils, like lavender, to the sock.

The next step is to tie the “neck” of the sock once or twice to prevent the salt from spilling out. Don’t worry too much about how secure your knot may be. It just needs to be able to keep in the salt!


If you’re tying your sock twice, that means that you’re going to need relatively long socks for this treatment. Ankle socks simply won’t work! If you only own short socks, you may need to stitch them closed, though you won’t be able to use them again. It’s best to stick to the long ones!

Now comes the fun part! Take any kitchen skillet and set it on your stovetop. Set the burner to medium-low heat, put the salt-filled sock inside, and flip it back and forth until the salt is warm (but not hot).

It’s important to use a plain white sock, because the dyes in colored ones can bleed. Even though there is no water used in the process, the dye used in clothing can be stripped with heat alone, so be mindful of that.


Now all you have to do is simply give the warm sock to your ailing family member and have them press it against their aching ear. Believe it or not, the pain should gradually decrease. So, how does it work?


Apparently, the salt stays warm, which helps soothe any aches. It’s said that the salt may help draw out fluid, helping to relieve pressure in the middle ear. Well, how about that? This isn’t the only all-natural cure out there for earaches either…

There are many more home remedies to try for earaches. For one, try pressing a warm cloth to the affected ear, keeping it in place for 10 minutes. After that, put a cold pack on the same ear for another 10 minutes. Repeat as necessary.

You can also try putting a few drops of warm olive oil in the sore ear. While there’s no science to back this one up, that hasn’t stopped people from using this remedy for hundreds of years.

Tea tree oil is another popular at-home remedy for anyone with a sore ear. Tee tree oil is a powerful anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial solution! A couple drops into the ear can seriously relieve pain.

Ginger also features anti-bacterial properties (in addition to smelling and tasting great). If you have a slight earache, you might want to try rubbing some ginger juice in your outer ear canal. Do not put it directly into your ear, though.

Garlic is another all-natural way to treat a minor ache in the ear. Studies have found that homemade ear drops containing garlic are just as effective as over-the-counter ear remedies.

Since earaches are often caused by pressure on the ear canal, getting rid of this pressure should help. It can be as easy as doing a series of gentle neck rotations, which should immediately make a big difference in your ear!

Believe it or not, an earache can also be caused by your posture. You might want to consider visiting a chiropractor to realign your back. Sometimes that can be all it takes to cure your pain.

It may be tempting to sleep on your affected ear at night. While pressing your achey ear into a soft pillow might feel good, it doesn’t give your ear the chance it needs to drain. Sleep on the opposite side and try propping your head with pillows to encourage drainage.

Remember: an earache could be a symptom of an ear infection, so going to the doctor if one persists is highly recommended. That said, these quirky methods offer excellent temporary relief, and they are guaranteed to get you on a pain-free road to recovery!

While visiting the doctor is a must in many cases, there are also times that you can easily treat small things—like an earache—with simple remedies like these. Which ones work for you?

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