FABRICATION? Parking Officer Falsely Accused For Faking Tickets

Ashley Pence had been working as a parking attendant for years. One day she just quit and disappeared. Her boss was furious and discovered lots of money had been disappearing as well. He accused Pence of falsifying tickets. Pence told the police she didn’t do it, but they are not sure if they should believe her…

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Ashley Pence worked as a parking attendant for years, but one day she just quit. Her boss was furious because Pence suddenly left and now he lost one of his best employees. To make things worse, he discovered that someone had been taking money from the parking meters. For years there had been money disappearing without anyone knowing about it, and now her boss accused Pence of being the one stealing the money.

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“It can’t be Ashely, how could she do this to me”, her boss thought. And so he went to her house to confront her. Pence denied every accusation. She told her boss how she had been side hustling on another job after her work hours. She actually loved this job way more than being a parking attendant. After a while she became more experienced and decided to start her own company. “To do so I had to gather a lot of cash, yes, but I’m not the one who has been stealing from you”, Pence told him. Still, her boss wasn’t convinced and went to the police.

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Now Pence is under investigation for fraud and theft. But she keeps telling the police that she wasn’t the one who stole money during all these years. She was just tired of her boring job as a parking attendant and wanted a different life. “I was in bed one night, reading a book about entrepreneurs and how to start your own company. That moment I knew this was the path for me, but I swear I haven’t stolen any money from my old boss.” Apparently after reading the book One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen WayPence became so inspired, she resigned at once and started her own company. The police is now investigating if her story is legit, or whether Pence really stole the money.
Pence told the police she got inspired to start her own company after reading this book.