Couple Transforms An Old White Truck Into A Mobile Paradise Ready For An Adventure

Have you ever thought about giving it all up? The 40 hour work week can be stressful, exhausting, and at times soul-crushing. Some of us fantasize about selling our homes and taking off on the open road. This is exactly what one bold couple in the UK is doing.

Adam Croft and Nikki Pepperell live together in Stroud, a market town in Gloucestershire, England. They love their life together, but recently they have begun to feel like something was missing. After talking it out, Adam and Nikki knew exactly what they wanted to do.

They pooled their money together and bought an extra-large Ford Transit Luton. The van cost £3,500, but it was a small price to pay to start their dream. Once they had the van in their possession, Adam and Nikki got to work on constructing a portable, tiny home.

“We both wanted to do a project,” Adam explained in his YouTube video, “because we found that we were spending all of our money on rent when we were working in the UK, and we found that we both love traveling. And so, we both wanted to save on rent and find a way we could travel cheaply.”

The two hatched a brilliant plan for their new tiny home. “We plan on taking it across to France,” Adam shared, “and we’re going to start off in Bordeaux. Hopefully, we will meet a couple of friends there, and then have a bit of a holiday.”

After a few months of vacationing in Bordeaux, Adam and Nikki plan to look for work. They want to take a long time off to enjoy the home they have built, which makes total sense – after all, they have been working on this project for an ENTIRE YEAR!

Once the couple has had their fun, they know they will need to look for work again in order to keep their adventure going. Adam plans to look for a job in either Spain or Portugal; this way he can live sustainably while continuing his dream life on-the-move.

During their time in Spain, Adam and Nikki may even look into owning land. Of course, that all depends on what the rent is like and whether or not the couple wants to keep exploring. Once you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, it’s almost impossible to stop trying to discover all the beautiful hidden gems the world has to offer.

This tiny home project has taken a lot of work, and Adam and Nikki couldn’t be more excited to get started on their new life in it. They have built a fully-equipped home that includes a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a living room.

The entrance to the home is in the back of the van. It starts out as a narrow little pathway, but it opens up into a brilliant, cozy space.

The kitchen counters are made from polished wood. Beautiful tiles along the backsplash really make the place feel welcoming. Adam and Nikki built a tiny stove-top, and they placed most of their cooking utensils into a small wooden container. The sink is minimalist in style, but it leaves the couple with plenty of space to prepare their meals each day.

The toilet and shower are tucked out of the way, leaving room for the more comfortable parts of the tiny home.

The bed rests atop a small space that has been set aside for storage. Plenty of pillows and blankets make the space soft and inviting, and the couple has even hung a sign that says “bedroom” over the bed. The space is so cute!

A little couch makes up the living room space, and there is even a short bookcase. This couple will never have to go without the comforts of home – no matter where on the planet they are.

They really have thought of everything. This dynamic duo is already planning to travel with the wood burner so they can stay warm in the winter. When you want to travel for the rest of your life, you have to learn to think ahead.

Even though this tiny home is much cheaper than paying rent in certain cities, Adam admits that he and Nikki had to save up in order to make their dream a reality.

“Initially it was a fair bit of money to put into the actual building of the van and buying the van,” he observed, “but hopefully we’ll be able to recuperate those costs from living cheaply in it.”

They certainly aren’t letting the price stop them from chasing their dreams. Adam and Nikki were able to redefine their lives by communicating about what they each wanted, and as a result, they are about to embark on a magnificent adventure.

Their journey is an inspiration to any of us who feel held back from our goals. When we prioritize what is truly important to us, we can accomplish whatever our hearts desire.