Bride Walks Down Aisle With Father, But Her Stepdad Is Waiting For Her At The End, In Tears

Life doesn’t always go according to plan, but we can always choose to make the best of it. One family faced what could have been a devastating conflict when the parents decided to divorce, but they turned it into a positive experience and a valuable lesson for their children.

Vanessa Bowers grew up in an extremely loving family from Columbus, Ohio. When she was just a little girl, her parents got a divorce. Vanessa and her brother were at a loss for what to make of the situation, but their parents provided a shining example of what it means to be a family.

When Vanessa’s mom met someone else, the young girl saw the situation become better than anything she had hoped for. Her dad and step-dad actually got along. “My mom … remarried someone who my dad ended up loving just as much as the rest of us did!” Vanessa explained to Love What Matters.

“Both of my dads set an example of being loving people who try to see the best in others. They would always end up chatting together at drop-offs/pick-ups when I was a kid, sitting together at birthday parties, and always made my brother and I feel like it was a normal thing for divorced/blended families,” Vanessa remembered. “As an adult, I can truly appreciate how special this was, and I will forever be thankful to them (and my momma) for surrounding me with such a healthy family dynamic as a child.”

This special bond between her two dads was much deeper than the woman had ever imagined. They both played key roles in her wedding, and the family celebrated the event in an adorable way that the bride would never forget.

Vanessa’s biological dad walked her down the aisle, and her stepdad officiated her wedding. This woman’s special day involved her family in a unique and extraordinary way.

“I couldn’t tell you how many times people at my wedding told us how special it was that [my dads] were both up at the altar with me that day, and I couldn’t agree more,” Vanessa shared. “Lucky, blessed, whatever you want to call it, it was pretty darn amazing.”

For this beautiful bride, the wedding couldn’t have gone any other way. Her two dads had each played significant roles in her life, and she wanted to celebrate the unbreakable bond that the entire family shared.

“I remember my step-dad always packing me ‘gourmet’ lunches when I was in high school with his Italian cooking, and all my friends loved it and would try to see what he packed and what funny notes he would leave inside my lunch box. All my friends loved both of my dads growing up, and I have always felt so lucky to have them. My step-dad is a pastor, so when I got engaged, I knew I had to have him be our officiant.”

Vanessa had been nervous as she held on to her father’s arm while walking down the aisle, but as soon as she saw her whole family together she felt completely at peace.

“As we turned the corner of the building,” she recalled, “I saw my handsome husband-to-be at the altar, with a huge smile on his face, standing next the other man that helped raise me, my stepfather, who was overcome with emotion, and my beautiful mom proudly watching all of us from the front row. It was just the most incredible rush of emotions and I remember thinking to myself — how can someone be this loved?”

This bride had a dream wedding, and the most special part was that her whole family was there to support her. This amazing moment was only made possible by the love and kindness of her two father figures.

Not every situation is a perfect one, but looking for the positives will make any experience better. Vanessa’s family made the most out of the situation at hand, and they were rewarded with even more love in their lives. This sweet story is proof that when you approach life with the right mindset you will find happiness.