Big Reward for Homeless Man After Discovering Rare Disney Art Worth Thousands

A homeless man recently learned that an old Disney art print he found in a dumpster, is actually a rare and valuable piece of art. Adam was dumpster diving when he found a picture of Bambi. He thought it might be worth something and brought it to an antique shop owner who offered him $20 for the picture. It turns out the art was worth way more, $3,700 actually! The antique shop owner rewarded the homeless man with half of the prize money and with lots more.

Adam was a homeless person who found an illustration of Bambi and sold it to an antique shop.

Adam had been homeless for years now. After he lost his job, he struggled to pay his rent and ultimately he was kicked out of his apartment. He roamed around his neighborhood, in search of a place to stay. He survived on leftovers found in garbage bins everywhere he went. With the few possessions he had left, he walked all across the country. When he found an interesting object in a dumpster, he would take it to a local antique shop and try to sell it for a decent prize.

Antique shop owner Gregory found out the illustration was worth $3,700.

One day he found a framed illustration of the Disney movie Bambi. The shop owner gave Adam $20 for it. Afterwards the shop owner, called Gregory, was going to repair the broken frame and resell the picture. When he removed the frame and saw the back of the illustration for the first time, he found an old certificate of authenticity dating back from 1937. What’s funny, is that Bambi was released in 1942. After some research, Gregory found out it was an old animation cell, used to animate the movie back in the days. In the end, Gregory sold it for $3,700. Still he felt bad for the homeless man whom he only paid $20 for something worth way more than that.

After selling it, Gregory tracked down Adam and gave him half of the prize money. He also helped Adam to get back on the right track.

Gregory didn’t know how to contact homeless Adam, so he jumped in his car and drove around the city. After 3 days of searching, he saw Adam emptying a dumpster in search of his next treasure. He took Adam to a hotel and told him what the Bambi illustration was actually worth. Gregory gave $1,600 to Adam. He was shocked, it had been years since he had held such a big amount of money in his possession. Gregory rented a room in the hotel for Adam where he could stay a few more days. Meanwhile he helped him to open a bank account to deposit the money. The next goal was to contact his family and try to reunite them so he can be safe and off the streets.