Artist Works Tirelessly To Create Amazing Art Using Dots

Julia Koceva of Sweden says she is a part-time artist, but she recently dedicated 70 hours to create one breathtaking piece of artwork. See how she uses remarkable techniques to create a masterpiece.


Shading Techniques Bring Artwork to Life
As a full-time criminologist, Julia has a passion for creating beautiful art on the side. She has created many pieces with a demanding technique called stippling.


Dark Vs. Light
Stippling is a technique where an artist uses small dots to simulate varying degrees of solidity, texture, and shading.

dove in progress

Elegant Elephant Made With Swirling Patterns
When used in a drawing or painting, the dots are always a single color and applied laboriously with a special pen or brush. Other techniques include different patterns, such as swirls.


Hatching An Eagle
Hatching and cross-hatching are other techniques she uses to create eye-catching designs.


Gradients of Gray
The closer the spacing of the dots or hashmarks, the darker the area of the picture appears. If the dots are further apart, the area of the image appears lighter.


Vibrant Details
Julia uses the most amazing gradient scales in her work to capture the vast difference of shading, like with this closeup of an eye.


Acrylic Floral Painting Blooms
Julia has also created works of art with other mediums, such as this acrylic painting.

acrylic flower

A Guessing Game
In this gorgeous stippled image of a stallion, Julia encouraged the public to guess how many dots she had used so far. She gave the winning guesser a cheeseburger.


Thank You Sent Via Social Media
Julia shares photos of the various stages of her artwork undergoing the stippling process with the public on Instagram. When she reached more than 20,000 Instagram followers, she thanked her adoring and fascinated fans.