A Rare Footage of 30 Hummingbirds Bathe Together At One Time During This Morning’s Wash!

Hummingbirds are beautiful little birds and fun to watch flit about when they pay your house a visit, but they also like to tussle with each other, and other birds, which then becomes a different kind of spectacle.

So it seems really strange to see a whole bunch of hummingbirds, thirty to be exact, just hanging out together at a pool party without any drama, cool but strange.The Wild Wings backyard nature store in Sherman Oaks, California shared this incredible video of 30 Allen’s hummingbirds having what looks like a pool party.

From the video description:A record 30 hummingbirds bathe together at one time during this morning’s wash! You’d never know they will be harassing each other in five minutes’ time.

The bird bath is a fairly popular spot for local hummingbirds but even the guy who set it up was stunned by the sheer number of these little cuties that showed up this morning for their daily routine.