96-Yr-Old “Dancing Nana” Steals Spotlight At Family Wedding With Adorable Moves.

Some people believe that as they age, it puts a limit on what they can and can’t do in social situations. That’s why we don’t see a lot of older folks taking part in simple pleasures like dancing — they’re too self-conscious.

Shirley Goodman, on the other hand, has no such qualms about expressing her inner joy. The 96-year-old calls herself “a true believer in the power of dance” and lives by it every day. She radiates happiness every time she gets her groove on, and it’s so infectious she’s going viral.

shirley goodman dancing nana

Shirley attended a family wedding in late March and, of course, wasn’t shy about celebrating the way she knows best. Her grandson, Todd, recorded as she tore up the dance floor to Bruno Mars‘s “Locked Out Of Heaven.”

shirley goodman dancing nana

While it wasn’t Shirley’s wedding that day, she certainly stole the spotlight as she danced alongside her family members. Everyone around her couldn’t help but smile and laugh as they watched the elderly lady do her thing in style.

shirley goodman dancing nana

Todd uploaded the footage to Instagram with the caption, “There is nothing in my life that I’m more proud of than the fact that this amazing 96 years young dancing machine is my Nana. She is my inspiration, my motivation, my spirit and soul.”

shirley goodman dancing nana

Millions watched and cheered for Shirley, who has already amassed tons of adoring fans. Now she’s going by the nickname “Dancing Nana” and even has her own Instagram account!

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It may be a cliché, but it’s so true in Shirley’s case: age is nothing but a number. We’d all be lucky to gain half the confidence she possesses as we grow older. Enjoy the rest of your life doing what you love most, Shirley! Your happy, carefree spirit is inspiring!

Watch as Shirley busts a move in the clip below, and share to spread the joy.