23 Photos That Are So Perfectly Timed It’s Almost Art

1. This deer is not having an easy time staying horizontal:

2. This botched high five:

3. This little midday snack:

4. This unforgettable wedding gift:

5. This kid who doesn’t like his cocktails shaken OR stirred:

6. This kid’s unwavering sense of balance:

7. This loose capstone on a human pyramid:

8. This head-turning coffee break:

9. This rodent on an impossible mission:

10. This frog’s shyness around cameras:

11. This hard left hook:

12. This demonic white eyeshadow:

13. This oddly proportioned gentleman:

14. And his pet dog:

15. This cat’s sick stunts:

16. This ruined night out:

17. This first flight:

18. This extreme game of peekaboo.

19. This magician’s assistant/pet:

20. This moment before fetch:

21. This beautiful creature, whatever it is:

22. This deep insight:

23. And this betrayal from man’s ex-best friend: